A couple of changes on the horizon

Beginning in December, Chair Yoga at 11 am on Thursdays has been moved to 10:45 on Thursdays at the Blossom Hill location of Almaden Yoga. So, there is a 15 minute difference in time, and the location has changed to 7 minutes down the road.

Also, I am finishing my first year of Yoga Therapy! I can’t believe that I’m only a couple weeks shy of halfway through. I will have my 500 hour certification for this year. As previously mentioned, my very inexpensive first year intern rates for a Yoga Therapy session will be going up next year. So, if you would like to see me before the end of the year, I have a couple of time slots open still. Currently, I am seeing clients on a sliding need-based scale of $25-$50. Next year, the price will increase to $50-$75 as a second year intern, commensurate with more education and experience in the field. Meeting remotely is also an option, given a good camera on both ends.

If you will be meeting with friends and family next week from near and far, may you have a heartfelt connection with one another. There will be no class with me next week at Willow Glen Yoga or Almaden Yoga. Private sessions may be possible.

In search of people with Diabetes

As I complete my first year of Yoga Therapy training (halfway through!), I am compiling research for my end of year presentation. The focus for this year is on Diabetes, and the effects of yoga and stress reduction on blood sugar. If you know anyone with Diabetes, and this person is in the San Jose area, please put them in touch with me. I would love to do some hands-on work in this area to further my research.

See me at Lokahi Acupuncture!

Next Wednesday, the 1st of March, I will launch my new semi-private class at Lokahi Acupuncture. The focus is foundational movement, strength and flexibility building and learning yoga from the ground up. My space at Lokahi is very limited (maximum of three participants!), so if you are looking for an intimate class to develop your yoga skills, email me and I can get you signed up. We can work toward your specific health goals, while meeting your needs with any concerns you may have.

These classes will be comprised of a combination of yoga, meditation and breathwork to center you body, mind and soul.

If you haven’t been to Lokahi yet, check out their offerings. All of the acupuncturists are top-notch practitioners and kind people, and I personally receive care there as well.


Time: Wednesdays 11:30-12:45

Cost: $30, or $25 if you sign up for multiple sessions

Contact me to arrange a private session, or an alternate time.


December News

The last few weeks have been nuts.  Colds, fevers, stomach flus, relatives, and…I’ve signed up to go back to school!  I am going to become a certified Yoga Therapist through the Niroga Institute, which basically means that I’m still a yoga teacher, but I am going to undergo some really in-depth training (about 5 times more than I currently have), which will take two years, and give me some deep anatomical knowledge and more understanding about how to work with people with special conditions.  Some examples of jobs Yoga Therapists do are specializing in yoga for people with cancer, chronic pain, PTSD, Trauma, addiction or those with learning or behavioral disorders.  The more I read about the possibilities of who I could help, the more excited I get about it.  The possibilities are endless…and friends, I do believe that yoga can heal the world.  It can’t fix our problems, but it can certainly help to put them in perspective.

Last week, I was subbing a class for someone, and the homily I led with was from a quote by Judith Lasater, and paraphrased, it said something like “when we have expectations, we can’t see things for how they really are.”  So much of our suffering has to do with how us less enlightened people ascribe so much expectation to how things should be, or how we think they are, for good or for ill.  Yoga can’t fix our current realities, but more mindfulness, more seeing the truth and being present, more conscious breathing and being in the right now could go a long way.

In addition, next month I will be adding two more classes at Willow Glen Yoga, teaching Level 1 Beginner’s Yoga (Yoga Basics) a total of three times a week, which is exciting.  If you think you’d like to come to a class, but are nervous (or know someone who would like to try, but is unsure), you can email me.  I am always happy to answer any questions.  And moving forward, my knowledge base is going to be growing, so I can always find better ways to serve my students.  Thanks to all of you.  And, if you are launching into a new and awesome venture, or if you’ve managed to break through your expectations, let me know about it in the comments.

Wednesdays on Hiatus

Just an update, my Wednesday class at Almaden Yoga has run its course for now.  I expect to be returning to that time slot again in January.

I still have Mondays at Willow Glen, and boy, we’ve got a really fun group of people in that class, but there’s still room for more!  Come join us to sweat, laugh, and get all the bad juju out.  In January, I will be adding more classes at WGY too.

If you want to see me this week, I’ve got tomorrow at 10 at Willow Glen, Tuesday night’s 7 pm YogaTone class at Almaden Yoga, and Thursday morning at Willow Glen, 9 am.

Hope to see some of you there!

Kapha Yogi in Black and White

So, my fabulous and glamorous friend, Amy, made me a logo for my business!  Here it is!

Small Yoga Logo.jpg

Not only does Amy make yogi friends thoughtfully designed and beautiful logos, she can also make you pretty much anything you want for any event or party you want to throw, and she makes the prettiest one of a kind stationary you’ve ever seen.  Right now, she is on vacation, but save the link to her shop if you want to contact her for work in the future.

In making this logo, it was kind of a fun process.  We discussed what I wanted, which she pretty much understood right away.  Then all the revisions consisted of me saying “make her fatter!” (which I think probably isn’t a phrase graphic designers hear often) and this is where we landed.  I love it!

As a reminder, my Full-Bodied Yoga series launches at Willow Glen Yoga on Monday, July 11th, 11-12:15.  It runs for four weeks, until August 1st.  Sign up at http://www.willowglenyoga.com/workshops/.  This class is perfect for beginners, and can go deeper for those who are already familiar with yoga.



News and Gratitude

First off, I wanted to let you all know I’ve got some classes in the works coming up.  I am launching a Full-Bodied Yoga series out of Willow Glen Yoga, beginning in July, with a smaller crash-course intro in June.  I will let you know days and times when it has been put up on their website.  Full-Bodied Yoga is perfect for anyone you know who has a larger body, and/or flexibility challenges who could benefit on working on their alignment through the use of modifications and props.

I also am now teaching a mixed levels Vinyasa class at Downtown Yoga Shala on Wednesdays at 12 p.m.  This class will be faster paced for those who want to get in a heating, and energizing practice to brighten up their midweek workday.

Finally, I recently read a quote which I just love and thought I’d leave here, attributed to Gautama Buddha.

Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn’t learn a lot at least we learned a little, and if we didn’t learn a little, at least we didn’t get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn’t die, so, let us all be thankful.