Living with what’s available to us

Friends, we have been in an unusual time for a long time now. Things are weird. We are isolated, stressed out, and many of us are worried. But, the same things that have always been most important to us are still important.

Family, friends, creativity, learning, laughing, physical movement, hobbies…so many things. So, let’s get on with those things. We may be socially distanced, and we may be missing so much, but we can get creative. I heard about someone doing a distanced baby shower and having so much fun! I’ve heard about wine tastings and cheese baskets, and long chats over zoom. One of my favorite yoga students who had moved out of state can now attend my classes again, even though she is hundreds of miles away!

We all miss regular life, and I also hope we get back to it soon. But let’s not pause the life we have, waiting for something better to come back around. This moment is all we have. To paraphrase: If you can’t be in the life you love, honey, love the one you’re in.