We don’t just have fuzzy hearts

This weekend in school, I learned something kind of gnarly. Every night, when we go to sleep, in between our muscles we grow the equivalent of toe jam. It’s really connective tissue and fascia, but the comparison to toe jam popped into my head right away. If you have small children, you know what this is. If you don’t know, well, bless you. I think you will live with the disappointment. The video that illustrated this is called The Fuzz Speech, where a doctor is using cadavers (yes, dead bodies) to show it in detail. Watch it if you aren’t squeamish, otherwise, just read about it here.

In short, we develop this “fuzz” every night when we sleep. When we wake up, we are a little stiff, and the development of this tissue is why. The only way we can clear this tissue is from moving around, stretching, and working our bodies. If you are sedentary, that tissue builds up over time, eventually becoming very thick and more stiff, requiring deep massage and body work to clear it out over time.

Massages are wonderful (I personally recommend my friend Lisa, who is the best massage therapist I know and a warm-hearted, funny individual), but let’s also commit to joyful movement every day. Let’s keep our hearts warm and fuzzy, and clear out the rest.

We are the world

Listening to all the crazy rhetoric going around these days reminded me of an experience that I had nearly a decade ago. As a full time librarian, one of the best projects I ever got to do was a big outreach program to adult learners. These people were amazing. All of them worked hard, and jumped in with both feet. I remember meeting one Mexican immigrant to our country who worked cleaning offices from 10 pm until 4 in the morning, then went to his landscaping job from 5 am until noon. Then he went to school to get his GED and improve his English literacy skills, then got some sleep before returning to work. In this project, I met with people who were getting their GEDs, becoming medical assistants, were just learning adult literacy skills, English, dental assisting, all kinds of stuff. I got to present to about 500 adult learners over the course of this project.

It was the end of the term, and the Director of the organization invited me to the ELL (English Language Learners) and Citizenship end of year party and presentation. For their big finale, about 70 students crowded up on stage together to sing “We are the World” complete with waving arms that were meant to be synchronized, but really weren’t. Some arms waved overhead to the left, some right, some bumped into other arms. What was universal was that everyone on that stage, from Iran to China to Russia had the most glowing faces that were beaming with pride. All of a sudden, it was as if my vision shifted and I saw everyone with the love of perfect Creation, as if I was looking through the eyes of God, or the Maker, or Supreme Consciousness. My heart and my eyes sprang forth, one welling with love, the other with tears for the beauty of it all.

After the ceremony, everyone tromped off the stage, beaming with their shared experience, receiving their American flags. And they were proud. And I was overcome. That day, I felt like I saw into their hearts, and saw with God’s heart.


Two chances to practice on Thursdays!

I am pleased to announce that I have a new class that is good for beginners, or those who want to find more time to settle into their postures. I am doing a Hatha Yoga class, which means minimal flow work, lots of holds, incorporating props to find different ways to explore the pose. This class is on Thursday mornings, 9:15 at Willow Glen Yoga.

If Hatha isn’t your bag, directly afterwards, I am teaching a Chair Yoga class at 11 am at Almaden Yoga, Via Valiente location.

As ever, if you have any questions, please email me. I would love to hear from you.