Gentle Flow class to benefit March of Dimes

As I’ve said before, I have twin girls. We did what anyone with multiples should do, and joined a great club for parents of multiples, Gemini Crickets. We formed a playgroup of people who had kids in the same 6 months or so as you, although our particular playgroup just absorbed more and more folks like crazy, since we are a gregarious bunch. Now, I was super lucky. My girls went full term, and aside of a bit of jaundice and a hernia, they were healthy, and weighed about what many single newborns weigh (each).

In our playgroup though, I soon discovered that over half of the moms in my group had one or both children in the NICU (intensive care unit for babies). Some of them had prolonged stays. Some had extremely long stays, and some were able to bring home just one baby before the other one could join the family. Some were only able to bring one home ever.

My very good friend decided to lead the charge for preemie awareness join the March of Dimes baby-focused fundraiser, March for Babies. Since 2011, our team (Team Pirate Power) has raised more money than most other friend and family groups in the Silicon Valley, and is up there with the top teams in the state. This money goes to research and education to help prevent premature birth, and to help beat the odds when things go wrong.

I am offering a gentle flow class on 4/23, 4 pm at Willow Glen Yoga. They are generously donating the space, and 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the March of Dimes. I am not taking a dime (haha!). If you want to just donate, you can do so here. If you’d like to donate online and come to class (please do!), just bring your receipt. You can also bring a checkbook or cash the day of the event (but still drop me a line to let me know you will be attending if you can). All donations are tax-deductible. Suggested donation is $20, but feel free to donate more, if it is within your budget. Please join us! MOD_class


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