See me at Lokahi Acupuncture!

Next Wednesday, the 1st of March, I will launch my new semi-private class at Lokahi Acupuncture. The focus is foundational movement, strength and flexibility building and learning yoga from the ground up. My space at Lokahi is very limited (maximum of three participants!), so if you are looking for an intimate class to develop your yoga skills, email me and I can get you signed up. We can work toward your specific health goals, while meeting your needs with any concerns you may have.

These classes will be comprised of a combination of yoga, meditation and breathwork to center you body, mind and soul.

If you haven’t been to Lokahi yet, check out their offerings. All of the acupuncturists are top-notch practitioners and kind people, and I personally receive care there as well.


Time: Wednesdays 11:30-12:45

Cost: $30, or $25 if you sign up for multiple sessions

Contact me to arrange a private session, or an alternate time.


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