December News

The last few weeks have been nuts.  Colds, fevers, stomach flus, relatives, and…I’ve signed up to go back to school!  I am going to become a certified Yoga Therapist through the Niroga Institute, which basically means that I’m still a yoga teacher, but I am going to undergo some really in-depth training (about 5 times more than I currently have), which will take two years, and give me some deep anatomical knowledge and more understanding about how to work with people with special conditions.  Some examples of jobs Yoga Therapists do are specializing in yoga for people with cancer, chronic pain, PTSD, Trauma, addiction or those with learning or behavioral disorders.  The more I read about the possibilities of who I could help, the more excited I get about it.  The possibilities are endless…and friends, I do believe that yoga can heal the world.  It can’t fix our problems, but it can certainly help to put them in perspective.

Last week, I was subbing a class for someone, and the homily I led with was from a quote by Judith Lasater, and paraphrased, it said something like “when we have expectations, we can’t see things for how they really are.”  So much of our suffering has to do with how us less enlightened people ascribe so much expectation to how things should be, or how we think they are, for good or for ill.  Yoga can’t fix our current realities, but more mindfulness, more seeing the truth and being present, more conscious breathing and being in the right now could go a long way.

In addition, next month I will be adding two more classes at Willow Glen Yoga, teaching Level 1 Beginner’s Yoga (Yoga Basics) a total of three times a week, which is exciting.  If you think you’d like to come to a class, but are nervous (or know someone who would like to try, but is unsure), you can email me.  I am always happy to answer any questions.  And moving forward, my knowledge base is going to be growing, so I can always find better ways to serve my students.  Thanks to all of you.  And, if you are launching into a new and awesome venture, or if you’ve managed to break through your expectations, let me know about it in the comments.

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